The Issue With ‘Deadpool’



The famous Marvel character, ‘Deadpool’ is finally getting his own feature film next month. Ryan Reynolds is portraying him once again after ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ where the character unfortunately was poorly handled. What fans really want is a film filled with swearing, violence, gore, sex etc… ie. a film that will not be rated 12A / PG-13 which would appeal to mass audiences and instead a film that is rated in the higher boundaries of either a 15 or an 18 in the UK. ‘Deadpool’ has received an R rating in the USA which is equivalent to a 15 in the UK. The trailers all suggest that this will be the case and the MPAA’s R rating warns potential viewers that the film contains ‘strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity’.

Unfortunately there are petitions for this film to receive a second edit to a PG-13 so that kids can enjoy the film as well. Namely, one 8 year old in particular whose mother has called for this petition and YouTuber and part-time actress, Grace Randolph (‘BeyondTheTrailer’) has headed this petition by creating a link to get support.

Now, over the years film viewers have had to endure watered-down versions of their favourite films. Studios often do this to receive a bigger box office so that kids drag their parents to watch the film. Just from the last couple of years, the Die Hard franchise gave us the abominable 5th film with a 12A / PG-13 rating, ‘The Expendables 3’ deviated from its normal 15 / R rating for a more ‘kid-friendly’ film. The newest two ‘Terminator’ films got slapped with a lower rating Now none of these two aforementioned films are designed for kids to watch so this is a real travesty that this is happening.

So when ‘Deadpool’ finally is able to buck this trend and the fans are applauding the the studio for doing this, now people are asking for it to be cut down?!!! No way. This 8 year old kid and everyone else who wants to watch it will just have to wait until they’re old enough. By having a higher rating, the film will be more faithful to the comics and really encapsulate the character of Deadpool as portrayed in the comics.

I particularly enjoyed Ryan Reynold’s statement to this petition – “I don’t think so. I mean, you saw it. That would be a very short movie. It’s almost a commercial at that point.”

This is a step in the right direction and hopefully, other upcoming films will see the benefits in creating a better quality film as opposed to earning more cash.


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