‘Indiana Jones 5’ Is Finally Happening



Surprisingly, Disney have announced a 5th film into the Indiana Jones franchise and it’s due for release in July 2019. Once again, it will be directed by Steven Spielberg (who has helmed all 4 so far) and will star Harrison Ford as the titular character.

All four of them are good fun in particular the second one, ‘Temple of Doom’ which is a really dark film, something that Spielberg regrets now but I think it works really well. Even ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, the 4th entry into the series that received some mixed reviews was good fun. However, I am a little worried that Harrison Ford may be too old now to play him but that said, he just about looked ok physically in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and despite the films being awful, he was able to perform his fight scenes in ‘The Expendables’ franchise. At least Shia La Bouef, who played Indy’s son in the 4th instalment isn’t stepping into the lead role because that would be a bad turn for the franchise. Ford will be 77 years old by the time this comes out, so they better get filming quick!

indy 2

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