‘Suicide Squad’ Gets A 15 Certificate



There is only a few weeks until the highly anticipated ‘Suicide Squad’ is released – the next entry for DC following the controversial ‘Man of Steel’ and the even-more controversial ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. ‘Suicide Squad’ offers a new perspective on comic-book films as it follows the villains of this cinematic universe who have to deal with an unknown threat (little of the story has been revealed thus far). The film has been rated PG-13 in America which means that parents are strongly cautioned that the film may not be suitable for those under 13 and for their children to view the film is at their discrepancy.

However, the BBFC has today given ‘Suicide Squad’ a 15 certificate which for me, is brilliant news. Now whilst this might not be in line with the MPAA (the equivalent certification body in America), the rating does suggest that the film will be at the lower end of what constitues a 15 but what it does mean is that no-one under the age of 15 will be able to view the film in a cinema which although will alienate a certain age market does mean that we should hopefully get a better quality film if the distributors have not made cuts to the film to get it down to a more profitable 12A rating.

The film has been rated a 15 for ‘sustained threat’ and ‘moderate violence’ – ‘moderate’ is fine for a 12A film – at 15 the violence would have to be deemed ‘strong’ but it seems as if the whole tone of the film has been judged not suitable at the 12A level and thus has elevated the film to a 15 due to the ‘sustained threat’.

Christopher Nolan’s, ‘The Dark Knight’ quite famously faced controversy for its 12A certificate back in 2008 and was the most complained about film of 2008 receiving 364 complaints from the general public disputing the film’s rating, particularly with the treatment of Heath Ledger’s sinister turn as The Joker. Perhaps this is the BBFC just trying to keep themselves in a safe position as Jared Leto plays the Joker in this film and whilst not a lot has been revealed at this point, the character is still sure to be menacing. Also the entirety of David Ayer’s filmography (Harsh Times, Street Kings, End Of Watch, Sabotage, Fury) has been rated 15 and this suggest that ‘Suicide Squad’ may be more in line tonally with these films and all of his films tend to be quite violent anyway.

I am very happy with this decision and hope that the film holds up to the excellent impression it has given in its superb trailers and now this piece of news.

’Suicide Squad’ will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 5th August.

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