Tim Miller Exits ‘Deadpool’ Sequel



Whilst lately, we have been receiving updates as to the status of the sequel to this year’s ‘Deadpool‘, the film has now taken a step back as it has lost its director, Tim Miller, who has cited creative differences with main star, Ryan Reynolds. Tim Miller directed the first instalment, his first major hit as a director as he had previously worked on visual effects and was responsible for the opening credits of David Fincher’s, ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and the opening sequence in ‘Thor: The Dark World’. He was paramount in the making of the film as he most likely was the individual that leaked the infamous test footage that ultimately got him the gig with Fox to direct the film.

Although I had my reservations on ‘Deadpool’, Miller is someone who undoubtedly understands the character and clearly has passion. His direction was pretty sound as well and the first action sequence in ‘Deadpool’ was extremely well choreographed. The rest of the film, for me, descended into conventionality which was a shame.

What’s important to realise is that Miller has not fallen out with Fox, he had differences with Ryan Reynolds. This leads to question whether or not Reynolds is being given too much creative input and if he is getting a bit too big for his boots especially as it was the combination of Miller and Reynolds who managed to get ‘Deadpool’ off the ground and deliver with a film that was generally very well-received.

I don’t think this is necessarily bad news – there are some other great directors out there but what will be important is someone who understands and loves the character and someone who can keep Reynolds in check. I would love to see Matthew Vaughn have a crack at it or perhaps Edgar Wright or Adam McKay but I’d also be happy if they went for an unknown like Miller originally was. Miller has already been moved onto another project with Fox so at least his career isn’t on the line.

Let’s hope this film can sort itself out and be a sequel that can fully explore the characters now that they have been established without the barriers of being an origin story.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Who do you think should replace Tim Miller as director? Let me know in the comments below or tweet @TheFilmMeister 

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