‘Focus’ – Anya Taylor Joy




There’s a new M. Night Shyamalan film coming out this week called ‘Split’ which many are hailing as his comeback film and it has so far recieved favourable reviews. This builds upon the success of 2015’s, ‘The Visit’ which recieved mixed-to-positive reviews and ‘Split’ looks to further capitalise on his improving image after his series of flops. Although James McAvoy is receiving most of the publicity for the film for his electric turn as a Kevin, a man with 23 personalities but for me, equally as important is Anya Taylor-Joy’s character, Casey Cook who is kidnapped by McAvoy’s character and following this film, she is an actress who continues to build an impressive career in the film industry on the strengths of this film.


American born Argentine-British Anya Taylor-Joy’s breakthrough performance was in Robert Eggers’ directorial debut ‘The Witch’ and also was when she first clocked onto my radar . Her performance in it was exemplary and nuanced and one could tell the amount of committment she put into her role. She plays the lead protagonist, Thomasin who is the eldest daughter in a family that are banished from a Puritan plantation who experience supernatural occurrences. It is a fantastic film and one that will certainly feature in my upcoming Best Films of the Year list – stay tuned!


Since appearing in ‘The Witch’, Anya Taylor-Joy also featured in the titular role in Luke Scott’s directorial debut, ‘Morgan’. I have yet to see the film but although reviews have been mixed for the film, many critics have singled her performance out and although only currently released in the USA and a handful of other countries, she also appeared in ‘Barry’, a biopic about Barack Obama’s years at Colombia University .


So if you do get a chance to watch ‘Split’ in cinemas, remember that you’re not just watching a film that will undoubtedly have a great performance by James McAvoy, assured direction by M. Night Shyamalan and a twisty plot – take note of the performance by Anya Taylor-Joy who keeps going from strength to strength. I have seen an advanced screening of the film and confirm that she again is one of the highlights of the film and I will have a full review up soon.

‘Split’ will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 20th January

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